Medico-Diagnostic laboratory

The company “Medico-Diagnostic laboratory” (MDL) was created more then 10 years ago on the basis of D.I. Ivanovskii Institute of Virology and has been successively working since then in the field of Russian market of medical and diagnostic products. Now we are a well-established, customer oriented company offering a wide range of products and services, with prompt delivery and flexible terms of payment. The company evolved from a supplier of clinical and diagnostic consumables into the expertise center offering complex solutions for diverse clinical and research institutions (including clinical diagnostic laboratories, cytogenetics and pathology departments, dermatology clinics, etc.) We are completely confident in all our products and services, helping and advising our clients not only during warranty period but also well beyond it.

Medico-Diagnostic laboratory

Our staff includes distinguished professionals from various biomedical areas with degrees from most recognized universities and academies of this country. Our experts have extensive experience in clinical medicine and in biomedical research, many hold advanced degrees in related science. Their talent and expertise enable us to manage complex projects with full confidence, and to assure comprehensive support to our clientelle. Our products and services are competitively priced, in most cases well below current Russian market averages.

Our intention to provide sophisticated solutions to our clients resulted in long-term relationships with all major manufacturers of medical equipment in Russia. We are also acting as official business partners of such internationally renowned foreign companies as Applied Spectral Imaging, NovaTec Immundiagnostica, Kreatech, DiagnOptics, Leica, Thermo Electron Corporation, Mikrogen, Serva, etc.

Research and development of new and innovative products is considered a prioritiy at MDL. Together with other companies we are participating in the joint biotechnological projects implementing latest achievements in medical diagnostics. We are also manufacturing and distributing specialized furniture for clinical and research laboratories, ensuring optimal usage of space and best fitted for accommodation of specialized medical equipment. Such attention toward details is giving us possibility to satisfy in full all demands and expectations of our clients. We have stable and long-lasting relationships with the majority of our clients. Among our long term clients are such important clinical and research institutions as Medical Center and clinics of the Management Department of Administration of the President of Russia, National Center for Medicine and Surgery under Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, Center of Endocrinology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, All-Russian Institute of transplant medicine and artificial human organs, Moscow Sechenov Academy of Medicine, and Sklifosovskii Institute for Emergent Medicine. We are also supplying leading military hospitals, and such well known in Russia commercial medical centers as “Lechebnyi Tsentr Ltd.”, “Medicina Ltd.”, “Euromedservice" etc. Special attention is paid by MDL staff to the development of business connections with remote locations of Russia. For many years now we are working with partners in remote regions and autonomous republics of Russian Federation (Krasnodar, Tyumen, Ekaterinburg, Ulyanovsk regions, Buryat and Mordovia republics and others).

Анализатор AGE (конечных продуктов гликирования), Голландия
ИФА-тест-системы NovaTec (Германия) для диагностики гриппа типов А и В
ИФА тест системы NovaLisa (NovaTec , Германия)
Иммуноблоты фирмы Mikrogen (Германия)
Амеркард Анти-LUES Современная диагностика сифилиса
Бесприборный экспресс-ИФА: Иммунокомб (Orgenics)
Уникальное оборудование ASI для цитогенетики и морфологии
Дерматоскопия , фотодинамическая диагностика и терапия (Германия)
Химические реактивы Серва (Serva, Германия)
Зонды нового поколения для FISH, Голландия

ИФА Тест-система
для диагностики
Chlamydia trachomatis

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